How to Determine the Strengths and Weaknesses of Employees

Understanding your employees’ strengths and weaknesses is crucial to determining how effectively they can benefit your organization. It’s important to analyze individuals before bringing them on board as it can help you assign the right tasks to the right people, and ensure the growth and success of every employee. However, determining the strengths and weaknesses is often relative and tricky. In today’s blog post, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips to uncover the strengths and Read more [...]

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Engaged

Motivating employees and keeping them engaged are critical factors in the success of any business. Employees typically outrank intangibles like being appreciated, valued, and feeling like a part of the team when it comes to job satisfaction. When employees are motivated and respected for their contributions to an organization, it builds a sense of partnership and boosts productivity. In today’s post, we’ll discuss five ways to motivate your employees and how to keep them engaged. Read more [...]

How to Explore the Job Market Before You Search for a New Job

Whether you’re looking for a job for the first time or you want to change your current role, take some time to explore the job market first. No matter how good the overall job market is, you need to remember that if you lack the skills employers are searching for, you may not land your dream job. This is why it’s important that you know what to expect from the current job market for someone with your qualifications and experience. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you some helpful tips Read more [...]

4 Effective New Tools to Improve Your Recruiting Strategies

If you still scrutinize resumes and cover letters to evaluate an employee or announce job openings through newspaper ads and websites, then its time you upgrade your tools. As a recruiting manager, your focus should be keeping hiring and retaining the best talent. In today’s post, we’ll discuss four powerful new tools to boost your strategic recruitment so that your hiring practices don’t get stuck. Performance Management When it comes to corporate recruiting, the process of hiring Read more [...]

6 Steps to Help You Get Your Dream Job in 30 Days

Looking for a job can get stressful, especially when you aren’t prepared but need a job right away. To better handle the stress, break down the job hunting process into small, manageable steps. In this blog post, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you make steady progress towards your goal of finding your dream job within 30 days. Refresh Your Resume Update your resume to stand out in the job market. Go through your resume and find out if you have any irrelevant information Read more [...]

5 Verbal Communication Tips for Job Interviews

When it comes to attending a job interview, clear verbal communication skills are an essential quality for all candidates. It’s useless to say that you’ve got excellent communication skills if you can’t display them during the interview. Verbal communication is a two-way process and your success in a job interview depends a lot on your abilities to effectively get across your points. For this post, we’ve put together some essential tips to help you improve your verbal communication Read more [...]

3 Tips to Create a Positive Candidate Experience When You’re Hiring

Creating a positive candidate experience for job seekers is an integral part of the recruitment process of an organization. It’s important to the take necessary steps to be courteous and professional when it comes to contacting a candidate. Every candidate is unique and there are some basic ways to communicate with potential candidates that make them feel welcome and maintains the reputation of your organization. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some tips recruiters can use to improve their Read more [...]

4 Recruitment Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring employees who aren’t a good fit is a costly mistake committed for any organization. It greatly affects the operation and productivity of the business. To avoid this mistake, it's important to have a robust recruitment process. There are many guides and tips for job applicants that tell them on how to ace an interview. But, there are only a handful of articles on guiding interviewers on how to ensure an effective recruitment process. Today’s post discusses the 4 recruitment mistakes Read more [...]

How to Boost Your Confidence in a New Job

New co-workers, an unknown work environment and the hesitation of not being 100% of what you should be doing. Sounds familiar? It’s the scenario every new employee goes through during his/her first day on the job. Regardless of how many years of experience you have in an industry, starting a new job is always a bit scary. You don’t know anything about the new work culture, you don’t know whom to talk to and you don’t even know where to go for coffee. Miserable! This out-of- place feeling Read more [...]

Workplace Stress: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Two things are true about workplace stress; it’s common and it’s drains you both physically and emotionally. It can occur for many reasons and affect anyone in an organization, be it managers or frontline employees. Some workplace stress is normal, but excessive and ongoing stress is harmful as it starts affecting your productivity and performance. Most employees in North America are suffering from this issue nowadays. According to a survey conducted by The Globe and Mail on 2,700 readers Read more [...]