3 Ways to Answer the Dreaded Question: “Why Should We Hire You?”

One of the most commonly asked questions that every interviewee faces is,

“Why should we hire you?”

This question strikes fear into many unprepared interviewees because although they know it’s coming, but the answer never feels like the right one.

In this post, we will be covering some effective ways to address this question. By doing so, you’ll be able to enter any interview with confidence.

  1. Put yourself out there

Chances are, this isn’t your first interview and it won’t be your last. You’re likely feeling tired from the job-hunting process, but going in with a cynical mindset can really hurt your chances.

Hiring managers are looking at what you can offer the business. Part of the answer to the titular question involves how you answer the question. Being enthusiastic about the interview demonstrates motivation, which translates to possessing a good work-ethic in the mind of hiring managers.

  1. Highlight what you offer

Why should we hire you?actually means “Why should we hire you over everyone else?” What a hiring manager wants to know is what you can provide the business that others can’t. This is when you sell yourself, describe your past accomplishments and how they apply to the role you’re applying for. Even your personal interests, tailor your response in a way that it sounds like a benefit to the business.

Just be careful. Don’t directly try to prove you are better than the other candidates. The person hiring is looking to find out your qualities. Putting down your competition will just make you seem arrogant.

  1. Get into the issue

Hiring managers post positions because the business needs a problem solved. While some small talk is appreciated, they are there to do a job at the end of the day. Get straight to the point with the outline and response, and prove to them that you understand how important it is to be direct.

Avoid being repetitive. Say what you are going to say, but be brief and precise with your language. Overly using clichés will only hurt your chances. Instead, give accurate data concerning your accomplishments. Show that you know what you’re talking about.

Keep these three points in mind when answering the question and you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding in the interview. Remember, what the person hiring wants to know from the entire interview, is how you’ll be a benefit to the business. Good luck!

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