5 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

Many employers use internships to screen potential talent. Meanwhile, newly appointed interns dream of turning their internship into a job offer. More and more companies are hiring their interns for a full-time job. This means that you have the possibility of utilizing your internship as a potential job opportunity.

But the question is, how to get the offer letter? Here are 5 tips to use your internship program as a foundation for a future job.

1) Make Yourself Useful

Like with most things, making a good impression is important for you to get noticed. Discover what the company looks for in a prospective employee, polish your skills to fit into a particular role and make yourself an essential resource for the company. If you excel at something (beyond making coffee) and make yourself needed, then your chances of being hired are much higher.

2) Build a Strong Relationship with Your Superior

Developing a good rapport with your supervisor is essential if you want a head start. Your superior will be the one to train you, so make sure to understand what is required of you and to meet his/her expectations. Make a consistent effort to deliver, showcase your abilities and develop a professional connection with him/her to increase your credibility in the industry.

3) Networking

It’s going to take more than one person for you to get an offer letter. Communicate regularly with others in the company and build contacts. They can serve as references, recommend you a job or inform you if they have an opening.

4) Be Ready to Learn

Utilize every opportunity to learn as much as possible. Participate in different company events, volunteer for projects and assignments, and take initiative to how other departments work. Any new role requires that you learn something, so use your internship to demonstrate that not only can you meet the job’s responsibilities, but that you’re a fast learner as well.

5) Be in Touch After the Internship

Get your coworkers’ contact information and keep in touch with them even after the completion of the internship. Send them thank-you notes expressing your appreciation, be in touch by sending casual e-mails and share some useful information with them regarding the work. These initiatives will make them remember you and they’ll think of you whenever there’s a job opening.

To achieve anything, you need to put in effort. The same applies if you want to secure a good job. Make a positive impression on your superior, be friendly with your coworkers and build a strong relationship with the company. That’s the secret!

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