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How to Excel in a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews have become a part of preliminary screening rounds nowadays, before inviting the job candidate for an in-person interview. In some cases, employers prefer to conduct full interviews over the phone if the candidate is out of town or to save time. Phone interviews are also a way of short listing candidates during the initial rounds and selecting only the most qualified ones for the next rounds. However, a phone interview is very challenging from a candidate’s point of Read more [...]

Tips to Start off Your Job Search in Toronto

The Information and Technology Council Canada (ICTC) stated that by 2020, Canada will have at least 218,000 job vacancies. The council also stated there will be a lack of resources to fill in these vacancies. “If Canada does not address the talent and skills gap, it could cost the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity, tax revenues, and gross domestic product,” states the report. This future gap in employment and job field is a huge opportunity for many people looking to get Read more [...]