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5 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

Many employers use internships to screen potential talent. Meanwhile, newly appointed interns dream of turning their internship into a job offer. More and more companies are hiring their interns for a full-time job. This means that you have the possibility of utilizing your internship as a potential job opportunity. But the question is, how to get the offer letter? Here are 5 tips to use your internship program as a foundation for a future job. 1) Make Yourself Useful Like with most Read more [...]

5 Signs That You Need to Change Your Job Immediately

Many people are unhappy with where they work. The reasons for this varies, but a common result is that they continue in their position with little to no complaint. According to recruitment agency Hays Canada, 50% of Canadian residents are not happy with their job. Furthermore, 47% did not fit in the work environment, about 56% were unhappy with the new recruits. “For some, when it’s time to leave a job can be quite clear -- where as for others, it might not be so obvious,” says Ryan Kahn, Read more [...]

3 Ways to Answer the Dreaded Question: “Why Should We Hire You?”

One of the most commonly asked questions that every interviewee faces is, “Why should we hire you?” This question strikes fear into many unprepared interviewees because although they know it’s coming, but the answer never feels like the right one. In this post, we will be covering some effective ways to address this question. By doing so, you’ll be able to enter any interview with confidence. Put yourself out there Chances are, this isn’t your first interview and it won’t Read more [...]

What is the Right Way to Fire an Employee

Sometimes a relationship doesn’t work out. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the other person, what matters is that the split is done in a way where both parties can feel respected. The same principle is true when you need to let an employee go. In very few instances will an employee be happy about being let go. There are however, ways to sever the professional relationship that will cause the least amount of disturbance to your organization. The right way to terminate an employee 1. Make Read more [...]

These 2 Mistakes Can Send Your Resume to the Trash Bin

Are you ready to send out your resume for the dream job you’ve always wanted? Before you do, know that there are two common mistakes that kill a candidate’s chances before he/she can even interview. Avoiding these pitfalls means the difference between having your resume tossed in the garbage, or it being placed in the follow-up pile. Mistake 1 – Typos, Grammatical Errors and Other Inconsistencies A 2013 Career Builder Survey found that 58% of all resumes have typos. It seems silly that Read more [...]