How to Spot a Bad Staffing Agency

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in helping people find jobs that match their skills. But, not all agencies are same. While there are many legitimate staffing agencies that can benefit your job hunt, some aren’t so ethical. Unfortunately, some less than scrupulous staffing agencies offer fake HR and consultation services to job seekers, and promise things that they never plan to provide. Many candidates fall into the trap of tempting job offers and an easy career by these unrecognized agencies, ending up with the loss of time and money as a result.

Spotting a bad recruitment agency isn’t tough, but it does require some vigilance and to look out for warning signs. Here’s how you can recognize a bad staffing agency.

1) It Attempts to Charge You a Fee

Recruitment agencies charge fees from their clients (hiring company) for the services they offer. However, a good recruitment agency doesn’t charge a fee to job seekers. Avoid getting yourself into any contract that requires you making a payment to the staffing agencies which is supposed to be paid by the hiring company. If there’s a fee involved for assisting you in finding a job, then it’s a warning sign that the agency is playing unethical tricks and you should avoid it.

2) It Lacks Industry Knowledge

A good staffing agency is supposed to have expert knowledge of the job sector and the position they’re offering. If the consultant lacks proper understanding of the industry, then it’s likely that the agency has substandard training programmes and an unqualified work force. For example, if the consultant is not able to clarify the job role or the company’s background. When they don’t know their job well, how can they find a well-matched recruitment opportunity for you? Beware!

3) It Sends You to Interviews for Ill-Suited Roles

A recruitment agency with an unprofessional approach and a bad information base is most likely to send you to interviews that are unsuited to your skill set. They give little thought as to who would be a best fit for a role, and instead just flood positions with ill-fitting candidates hoping one skips through. A good staffing agency on the other hand, will try to look for opportunities that are worth your time. If your agency is constantly sending you to roles that don’t fit what you’re looking for, then it’s time to hit the road and part ways.

4) It Has Little Regard for What You Want

If a staffing agency is insisting you to consider a job role or to join a specific company, then be wary. It’s likely that agency only sees you as a number and not as a person. A good recruitment agency will guide you with your job search to make the best decisions in your favour, rather than forcing you to sacrifice your priorities for their own profit.

5) It Is Too Overconfident

Be suspicious if a recruitment agency absolutely guarantees you the job it’s promising. Being too overconfident can be a warning sign that the agency is dishonest or that it makes false promises. Only the hiring company holds the final decision whether you get an offer.

If the agency you’re currently with is doing any of the above, then it’s better not to settle with it. Not all agencies are on the same boat. Some are honest reliable and follow the ethical path to help you find the employment of your dream.

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