How to Write an Effective Job Advertisement

Not all job advertisements are attractive to eligible candidates. In fact, a bad job advertisement can hurt a company’s brand. It’s important to draft the ad so that it creates interest and motivates the job seeker to apply for the job. That said, the ad should have the potential to convince the candidate that it is the perfect job for him/her.

There are a few basic techniques of writing an effective job advertisement. Let’s have a look.

1) Attractive Job Title

The first thing that job seekers notice in a job ad is the title. The job title should be both appealing and informative. Choose a title that can receive the maximum number of searches and have relevant keywords. For example, no one will search for jobs according to grades, so write the post name (such as Operating Head, PR Executive, etc.) rather than mentioning the grade in the title.

2) Target Your Audience

Use second-person language and terms such as ‘you’ and ‘your’. Concentrate on what your reader wants to read or know, rather than what you want to say. Mention specific activities related to the job rather than overloading the ad with responsibilities of the job.

3) Follow the Structure

Draft the ad in a structured manner. First, have a short introduction to the company, then state the role the candidate is to undertake. This should be followed by the skills you want in the potential employee, what are the perks of joining your company, your location and the ‘call to action’, for example ‘apply now’ hyperlinked to the job application form.

4) Keep It Short

Don’t write too much in the advertisement. Use to-the-point language, short sentences, and bullet points. Try to mention only important information instead of unnecessary details. Separate the information by using sub-headings such as Required Qualification, Job Responsibilities, Job Location, etc.

5) Proof Read

Don’t be in a hurry to post the job advertisement. Take your time and do a quick spell check. Read it over to any other person and get feedback whether it’s understandable or not. If you get a thumb up, then the job ad is ready to go up.

Writing an effective job advertisement is all about how well you can sell your company to the candidate. Be careful while writing and follow the relevant techniques to draft an effective ad. Remember that a well-written ad has the potential to attract top candidates. Good Luck!

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