3 Tips to Create a Positive Candidate Experience When You’re Hiring

Creating a positive candidate experience for job seekers is an integral part of the recruitment process of an organization. It’s important to the take necessary steps to be courteous and professional when it comes to contacting a candidate. Every candidate is unique and there are some basic ways to communicate with potential candidates that make them feel welcome and maintains the reputation of your organization.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss some tips recruiters can use to improve their candidate experience when they’re hiring.

  1. Be Time-Sensitive

Every job seeker goes through a vulnerable experience when searching and applying for jobs. They put up their accomplishments, qualifications, personality, and competence with the hopes of winning your attention and getting approval from your organization. Make the hiring process efficient and quick for both your candidates and the organization. Don’t make them wait for more than three weeks after they fill in the initial job application to find out if you want to schedule an interview or not.

The quicker your response rate and the recruitment process, the more candidates will know that you are considering them as a potential candidate. This improves candidate satisfaction as they won’t feel that you’re placing them on the back burner.

  1. Be Transparent

Remember, job seekers have applied for your job because they believe that they’re the best fit for the role. However, most organizations typically reply with an auto-generated ‘thank you’ email. Vague messages are sent out to the candidates such as “Someone will get in touch with you shortly”. The candidates, under such circumstances, are left waiting and wondering if anything will happen next, if at all.

To avoid dissatisfaction on the candidates’ end, give your candidates hard deadlines. For example, tell them something like “We will contact you within three-four business days if you’re shortlisted/selected”. Keep them informed about the phases of the hiring process to let them know where they stand through software applications. In case a candidate is rejected, send a nicely written personalized email or SMS instead of an auto-generated email that says “You are not selected”. For example, encourage the candidate to try again and give them some constructive feedback on how they can improve their performance.

  1. Make the Process Simple and Straightforward

Make the recruitment process easy for your candidates. One of the worst things many recruiters do is to make the process hard and time-consuming. For example, many companies ask candidates for a resume, cover letter, several references and a long questionnaire just to consider them for the job. This only creates a negative impression. Let the candidates apply for your job with a resume and cover letter, connecting through their social media accounts or filling up forms through your mobile applications if you have any.

Also, when it comes to scheduling interviews, use scheduling tools that allow candidates to choose their preferable date and time. Make sure to send text reminders and emails. Include directions to your office through Google Maps, if possible to make the whole experience easy for the candidates. Your hard work as a recruiter will help create a positive experience for them throughout the process.

In a nutshell, creating a positive experience for your candidates seeking a job in your organization isn’t a difficult task. Note that continuing the relationship even after a candidate has accepted your job offer is also a part of the experience. Maintain consistent communication and casually check-in to make sure things are going well.

Try out these tips and see how it works. If you’re looking for talented and competent candidates for your organization and need assistance in your recruitment process, contact us.

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