4 Effective New Tools to Improve Your Recruiting Strategies

If you still scrutinize resumes and cover letters to evaluate an employee or announce job openings through newspaper ads and websites, then its time you upgrade your tools. As a recruiting manager, your focus should be keeping hiring and retaining the best talent. In today’s post, we’ll discuss four powerful new tools to boost your strategic recruitment so that your hiring practices don’t get stuck.

  1. Performance Management

When it comes to corporate recruiting, the process of hiring new employees should begin with the assessment of your existing workforce. Performance management is a key part of job assessment. In addition to employee performance evaluated through task completions and multiple team-based feedbacks, HR professionals should also include other skills. These are primarily communication, collaboration, cross-training and conflict management skills.

Once you evaluate these skills and conduct a performance assessment, you can verify if the workforce is aligned with the business plan of your company. This will make your search for new candidates easier as you can get a better idea of what kind of employee will add the most value to the organization.

  1. Crowdsourcing

Besides being an excellent tool for product research and development, crowdsourcing can also help in recruiting top talent. The concept involves asking a community of people for their views and letting them guide your decisions.

Recruiting is now a two-way process where both the job seeker and the company see if the other is the right fit. This can be established by the fact how websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.com are attracting talent pool. These websites use crowdsourcing to provide an accurate view of the experiences of working at a company. Recruiting professionals strategically manage and build company reputation on such sites.

As a recruiter, you should also consider the benefits of including mobile recruiting to your hiring strategies. Since people depend so much on smart devices these days, mobile recruiting will make your company profile and job opportunities easily available to users.

  1. Social Media

It’s an important tool to build company reputation and attract talent. LinkedIn is a great platform to find eligible candidates with specific qualifications. Leveraging social media, you can create a stronger impression about your company and its values which in turn will influence the response to your job advertisements. Make sure that your job ads are targeted by using hashtags on Twitter and Facebook to reach out to potential candidates. Also, consider using your social networks for genuine recommendations posted online or from acquaintances.

  1. Data Utilization

Data accumulation and analysis is another potential tool to improve your recruitment strategies. It’ll help recruiters to discover trends relating to human interactions and behavioural patterns for better evaluation of a candidate. Combining data from various sources such as social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) along with resumes, job performances, interviews, and application databases will help you to be more strategic when it comes to hiring new employees.

Recruiting strategies are quickly changing and you need to stay updated with the new techniques to create a dynamic workforce. Include these tools in your strategy and impact your company growth like never before!

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