4 Recruitment Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring employees who aren’t a good fit is a costly mistake committed for any organization. It greatly affects the operation and productivity of the business. To avoid this mistake, it’s important to have a robust recruitment process.

There are many guides and tips for job applicants that tell them on how to ace an interview. But, there are only a handful of articles on guiding interviewers on how to ensure an effective recruitment process.

Today’s post discusses the 4 recruitment mistakes interviewers must avoid while hiring a candidate.

1) Not Drafting a Detailed Job Description

Drafting an accurate job description and explaining the duties of the job well is important to attract candidates with the right qualities and abilities. Many interviewers explain the job opening vaguely and draft the job description ambiguously. As a result, professionals will ignore the posting and the company fails to hire the right candidate for the right job. To avoid this mistake, create a detailed job description by mentioning the list of duties, job role, key areas of responsibilities and opportunities. For more details, you can read our blog on how to write an effective job advertisement.

2) Not Screening the CV Properly

Resume screening is the trickiest part of the recruitment process. The interview questions are mostly based on the information stated in the CV. Simply glancing at the resumes and asking random questions is not going to work. Go through the resume carefully and validate the information by asking questions regarding the experience of the candidate. Relying too much on the CV is also a big mistake because sometimes candidates exaggerate their qualities and experience. Spend a few minutes reading the resume in advance and then start the interview.

3) Rushing the Hiring Process

Hiring a candidate in a hurry is one of the biggest recruitment mistake interviewers make. It’s true that if the recruitment process is taking too long it can cost the company a lot of money. But, that doesn’t mean you should hire an incompetent candidate and waste time and money training him/her and finding he/she is not fit for the job. Take your time and look for other resources to get a suitable candidate.

4) Overbargaining

Salary is an important aspect of hiring and retaining a candidate. It indicates how much the company values its employees. Offering too little or negotiating too much over the salary can give a bad start to the working relationship. It’s true that the moment the interviewee expresses his/her salary expectation, the instant reaction is to bargain and lower the pay scale. But, doing so can compromise your chances of hiring the best talent.

An effective recruitment process is essential to hire talented and competent employees in an organization. Avoid these mistakes while hiring a candidate and focus on conducting an unbiased interview. If you want assistance in recruiting the right staff for the right job, then you can contact our recruitment experts.

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