How to Spot a Bad Staffing Agency

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in helping people find jobs that match their skills. But, not all agencies are same. While there are many legitimate staffing agencies that can benefit your job hunt, some aren’t so ethical. Unfortunately, some less than scrupulous staffing agencies offer fake HR and consultation services to job seekers, and promise things that they never plan to provide. Many candidates fall into the trap of tempting job offers and an easy career by these unrecognized Read more [...]

5 Body Language Mistakes and How to Avoid Them during an Interview

Having the required qualifications and experience is not enough to get your dream job. Body language plays an important role in cracking the job interview as well. Many eligible candidates fail to qualify the first-round to a bad impression they portray through their body language. Negative gestures and bad posture are very distracting for interviewers and display a bad image of the candidate. Over-exaggerated nodding and other involuntary habitual movements are also considered as body language Read more [...]

5 Tips to Work from Home Efficiently

Working from home can seem like a dream come true. Customized office space, comfortable workstation and answering conference calls in your jammies, all these are the perks of working from home that most of us dream about. However, what’s sometimes forgotten about is the lack of a daily schedule and the number of possible distractions. The perks of working from home won’t mean much if your productivity drops to zero. With an increase in the number of employers offering work from home opportunities, Read more [...]

How to Write an Effective Job Advertisement

Not all job advertisements are attractive to eligible candidates. In fact, a bad job advertisement can hurt a company’s brand. It’s important to draft the ad so that it creates interest and motivates the job seeker to apply for the job. That said, the ad should have the potential to convince the candidate that it is the perfect job for him/her. There are a few basic techniques of writing an effective job advertisement. Let’s have a look. 1) Attractive Job Title The first thing that Read more [...]

6 Signs That Show You’ve Cracked the Job Interview

Job interviews can feel unpredictable. Some interviews turn out to be great even if you were not at your best and some interviews go haywire even if you feel you answered all the questions correctly. However, there are some signs to look for that show that your chances are promising. If you’ve recently attended a job interview and you’re early anticipating a call back, then think back and remember if you saw these 6 green lights. 1) The Interview Gets Extended If the interview is Read more [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

A great resume is the first step towards getting a job. It plays a vital role in deciding whether you’ll be invited for the interview or not. Your CV offers a quick overview of your education, experience, skills, accomplishments and career objectives to the recruiter. However, during the screening process, many resumes are sent to the trash bin because they fail to stand out. According to a study conducted by The Ladders, recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume. Therefore, Read more [...]

6 Important Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Agency

Recruiting competent employees is essential for any business. Generally, large companies have entire departments dedicated to recruiting the perfect candidates. However, small businesses usually lack these resources. This is where outsourcing hiring to a professional employment agency comes in. Outsourcing talent acquisition is beneficial for any business size for six reasons. 1) Time Saving - Hiring the right candidate is time consuming. Seeding the job notice on employment sites, writing Read more [...]

5 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

Many employers use internships to screen potential talent. Meanwhile, newly appointed interns dream of turning their internship into a job offer. More and more companies are hiring their interns for a full-time job. This means that you have the possibility of utilizing your internship as a potential job opportunity. But the question is, how to get the offer letter? Here are 5 tips to use your internship program as a foundation for a future job. 1) Make Yourself Useful Like with most Read more [...]

How to Excel in a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews have become a part of preliminary screening rounds nowadays, before inviting the job candidate for an in-person interview. In some cases, employers prefer to conduct full interviews over the phone if the candidate is out of town or to save time. Phone interviews are also a way of short listing candidates during the initial rounds and selecting only the most qualified ones for the next rounds. However, a phone interview is very challenging from a candidate’s point of Read more [...]

Tips to Start off Your Job Search in Toronto

The Information and Technology Council Canada (ICTC) stated that by 2020, Canada will have at least 218,000 job vacancies. The council also stated there will be a lack of resources to fill in these vacancies. “If Canada does not address the talent and skills gap, it could cost the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity, tax revenues, and gross domestic product,” states the report. This future gap in employment and job field is a huge opportunity for many people looking to get Read more [...]